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What do you call a Farmer in a Small Town? A. BEAVER! Well, not really… but this game is just like that! Instead of having animals on your farm, you have beavers. You demolish buildings and trees with your cannon, and push people’s blocks around with a hose. It’s simple to start, but the more complex the level, the more challenging it becomes. Can you match 3 or more same colored blocks? Simple, matching games are some of our favorites. This one is no exception – we love woodblocks for their dual purpose as columns and walls in puzzles. 

The best way to spend Christmas Eve is with a Beaver's Blocks game! Or at least that’s what we tried to do after our family dinner. The plan was to play PICASSO Blocks, a popular logic-puzzle game. However, as soon as I turned on the computer, my brain started playing Tetris instead. It’s not very logical; that’s for sure. You see, we have been playing Tetris for years now and have reached a stopping point. 


How To Play Beaver's Blocks

Instruction Rules: Place the pieces on the game board Clear cubes from the board by combining them Combine lines of 9 cubes Combine squares of 3 by 3 cubes inside the designated areas Combine several lines and squares in a row or at the same time - and get a combo! Clear cubes from the board, earn points and improve your score Controls: Left-click and hold to grab a piece Hold left mouse button and move your cursor to drag the piece Release left mouse button to drop a piece on a desk

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