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A pixel art,mario running and jumping game. You control the redfox by using the mouse to run,jump and avoid obstacles. The Foxy Land is trying to catch you but you can avoid him by jumping over him or running into him. Make it to the end of each level and you’ll receive a score based on how many foxes you catch in one go. If there are more than one fox,redfox will win! You’ve just entered an all new dimension: The world of pixel art gaming. This is a retro-styled adventure where you must complete challenging 3D levels while avoiding obstacles such as walls and animals. 

It’s Mario and his trusty red-and-white scarf again! Get ready to run and jump your way through more than a dozen fun levels in this fun game for Nintendo Switch. The objective is simple: run, jump, and dodge while collecting coins and making sure you don’t fall into the foxy clutches of the redfox. It’s pretty hard to stay away from those apples though. You know you can’t resist them. What's even harder is not running after the apples, jumping to catch them, and then dashing back to where you were before. That would be boring right? Well, you are in for a very long boring race if you don't take this opportunity to enjoy some fresh air! Redfox Land is a challenging but fun game that will have you running as soon as it starts! When the red fox appeared in our world, he stole our blueberries. 

Old school pixel-art action game redfox 4, released in the year 2015, is back in this new version! This time around you take on the role of an agile fox and your mission is to explore different lands and run across various obstacles to level up. Run fast and jump high without getting hit. Use the gun or your paws to defeat enemies. 

How To Play Foxy Land

Using Mouse

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