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In the animal world, there are some pandas that people just won’t understand. The Dr Panda Daycare is a cute and cuddly-looking creature, but they’re also listed as one of the world’s most endangered species. The reason why so many people are against panda bears having daycare facilities is because these bears don’t have one! Most of them don’t even know they have a choice in where their lives will take them. If you ask us, pandas should have more fun things to do than sit around all day watching other pandas play. Fortunately for the pandas at Panda Daycare, we can help change all that. We created this game called ‘Panda Daycare’ to give them something to do outside of being cute and cuddly. They might not understand why they need this but we sure do! The game is a simulation and forkid in disguise kind of thing. 

A cute and cuddly panda will never make you feel down. You see, back in the day when pandas were in danger of being extinct, we humans convinced them that they were the enemy. We said they represented wealth and challenge which would lead to their extinction. Well maybe some of us weren’t as cynical as we thought! In this game, you take on the role of a panda who moves his baby cousin around for naptime. But since he’s only just discovered that pandas are actually cool and not scary like everyone else says, your job is to keep him amused for as long as you can. Instructions: This game is played with cards. Each card has one or more actions which you have to perform before it can be played again. The objective of the game is to pack as many actions onto your playing cards as possible while keeping your opponent from doing the same. You can also try to guess the action before your opponent does it. 


How To Play Dr Panda Daycare

Using Mouse

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