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In the land of Jungle, everywhere you go there is a jungle. Even in the house, in bedrooms and offices, on computers and smartphones, you can see trees and green vegetation. Imagine your world without any jungles! The only problem is that every island on Earth has a jungle – except ours! We are not sure why this is, but as humans we have to have more than one natural environment. So Jungle Dash Mania was born! It’s an endless running virtual game where you race through different themed levels collecting animals along the way. 

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and you’re one of the last humans on Earth. You must fight your way through a jungle full of wild animals to get home before its too late. Use your arrow keys to move and attack the wildlife. If you are attacked make sure to use your boost key to start moving again at an accelerated rate. Use your super speed key to reach higher ground or slow down time so that enemies take their time trying to hit you. Can you make it through the jungle as fast as you can? Use only your brain to guide your arrow and avoid or shoot the obstacles in your way. 

How To Play Jungle Dash Mania

Using Mouse

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