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Puppy Jump is an endless arcade quality jumping game for your grandma or anyone else who loves cute puppy images and gameplay alike. The object of the game is simple; tap on any pupper (or pupper pup) to jump over them. You can also shoot your own dog at clover-themed cannons to clear spaces in between pups. It’s as simple as that. 

You are a puppy who has been left at home by your owner. Your family has gone away for the weekend, so you are all alone. You aren’t sure where they have gone, and you don’t want to stay in this big, scary house by yourself. So you run off into the streets of your city and start running across town as fast as you can. But watch out! In this cute puppy game, you can get hurt while jumping. So be careful while playing and avoid falling over puddles or bumping into things. 

For a long time, the idea of going “up” or “down” an arcade game didn’t exist. But now, it does! Arcade Jump is a new family-friendly online ARC game that makes you jump (or run) up and down arcade games wholeheartedly. You can play with your friends in a fun social environment or challenge the world to get the highest score. 

How To Play Puppy Jump

Using Mouse

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