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You are the protector and guardian of your home, family and friends. You don’t know what danger is around every corner. But you know that somewhere someone or something is looking out for you. That’s because you have a guardian angel by your side – a hyperactive, adorable golden retriever named Huntley. Huntley protects people and things that are important to him with his life force energy. In this game, you protect your home and family from monsters, ghosts and other dangers. Use your logic and planning to find the weaknesses in each room before the monsters get in. 

Protect My Dog is a member of the family now. You take care of him, cook for him and even lose to him on a regular basis. But your furry friend doesn’t always get the credit he deserves. He’s an amazing friend that will do anything for you including protecting you from other dogs or strangers alike. Your dog knows how to play a game called fetch. Perhaps he was born that way or maybe because you’ve showed him a million times but ever since he was a puppy.

Your dog is a loyal friend and a devoted family member. But like anyone else, your dog has his day in court… The law can be tricky when it comes to protecting your property and your loved ones.

How To Play Protect My Dog

Using Mouse

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