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You are a mole in a big, boring and empty world. You must avoid being discovered by the guard and reach the surface to free your friends who are trapped in the ground. Avoid dangerous tunnels and obstacles on your way, because time is of the essence.

You are a mole in a cave. What do you do? Get out of the cave, find a way out and go to the surface. Or stay underground and protect your home from the outside or stay underground with your friends and defend your home from intruders! Your choice! A Mole In A Hole is an adventure game where you play with friends as a mole trying to get out of a cavern with 3 other moles. The other moles have already left the cavern and you're left inside by mistake. You have to find & then exit the cavern by finding all the way out exits & then back in again until you reach the exit. There are 3 exits with distance between them so that only one mole can enter at any time. Play for FREE or compete against your friends for the top spot in the leaderboards! Use your logic and problem solving skills to navigate between each box, avoiding the moles. 

How To Play A Mole in a Hole

Using Mouse

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