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If you’re looking for a game to bring you back to your childhood – or just to kill time with your friends – then trap might be it. In this game, you and up to three other players take on the role of snare masters as you try to get the most points by setting snare traps across three distinct environments. You do this by pressing ‘Taps’ on any object in order to catch falling dart frogs or plastic rats (in the frog environment) or anything else that happens to pass through your trap (in the rat environment). Once these points are captured, they can then be spent on buying new equipment from either your base or those of your opponents, as well as upgrading existing traps so they are more effective at catching different types of enemy. 

You are a girl who has to catch rats and other small animals in your trap. Your task is not very difficult: just bring back the animals into the cage using the mouse cursor. Fortunately, you have help from a game called Girlgames that shows you how to set up your trap and how to deal with More rodents. You can play this game as a 1-player with your friends or compete against other people around the world in an online tournament. 

Bird trap has been spotted. What you do now depends on your own playstyle and risk appetite. Do you go for a stealthier approach and hope to catch the animal by surprise, or do you go all out and hope to trigger an avalanche of capture requests? 

How To Play Bird trap

Instruction Controls: mouse (left button), keyboard (space) or touch (mobile).

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