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Hamster Stack Maze is a game where you have to clear blocks from a set path, one block at a time. The objective is to get as many blocks of the same colour in your grid as possible. Since there are only four different coloured blocks in this game, the objective is pretty easy and perfect for little ones who like to play a fun game without getting their fingers dirty. This game is great for brains as well as for bums! 

The most addictive and fun puzzle game for kids and adults!Stuck in a maze and want to get out? Hamster Stack Maze is the perfect escape game for you. Enter this challenging but fun puzzle game and have hours of fun. You will be entranced by the fascinating way it plays with your senses: you will hear the clicks as the blocks fall, you will feel the weight in your hands as you add or remove levels.

This is the best free stack maze game on the internet. It’s fun, simple and easy to play. Get your friends together for a game of stacked cards! How to play…simply stack your cards in order from highest to lowest value. If you are having trouble getting started or want more challenging levels, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the difficulty. 

How To Play Hamster Stack Maze

Using Mouse

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