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And you are happy. But the people in this don’t seem to be able to see that! They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s probably right. It would be nice if people would just leave our cat alone, but we can all understand how it is hard when their furry little friends keep us up at night with their antics, especially when they purr so cutely. One of these people has seen a whole new side of our feline friend and she’s let loose on the world in this fun puzzle game called Happy Cat! This cute cartoon cat has 17 lives as his secret - which means he will go through 7 more Mohammedas until he finds true love. If you like your games simple, fair and sweet, then this one is just for you. 

The Happy Cat Puzzle has a very special relationship with humans. The average cat will spend about five minutes a day looking for its owner, and it will go to great lengths just to see them! Even though we know that our feline friends are amazing and would do anything to have us as their owners, many people still feel awkward petting or holding a felid. There is nothing worse than petting a happy, purring cat, only to find out it’s actually its owner doing the petting. 

Get ready for the most cat-a-lounging game ever! Test your cat-puzzle skills in this hilarious and addictive game. Can you find all 6 kittens hidden in the 6 happy glass bottles? 

How To Play Happy Cat Puzzle

Using Mouse

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